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It’s never fun to discover that you have an infestation of ants around or in your home, Waco Wildlife Removal. Ants are tough to get rid of. They are quite social beings. They live in large nesting colonies. Like bees, the colony has a queen and a great deal of employees who take care of her. She is the only person who lays eggs.
Once the worker ants are foraging, they leave a pheromone trail to alert their tribe they have located a food source. There are tons of things ants will eat, including wood, individual food, plants, as well as animal matter.
What can you do if you find you have a problem with ants, especially inside your dwelling?
Locate the Nest
If you suspect that the ants are nesting somewhere in your home, you really must find the nest and get rid of it. If you see ants all year round foraging in your kitchen, it’s likely they are living inside. Ants will nest by burrowing into timber. The nest may be within a wall or in an attic. If you can find the nest, it is very likely you will need to use a chemical pesticide to eliminate it.
Seal Openings
If the ants are coming inside during warmer weather, it is a good measure to seal as many entry points as possible on the exterior of your residence. Ants will tend to crawl in at the base of wall siding, through pipe penetrations, and where cables enter the home. They will also use plants to climb up to window sills. Caulking and sealing any cracks and holes is a fantastic idea.
Be Sanitary and Cautious
Cleanliness is one of your best defenses against ants. Wipe down countertops, clean up dirty dishes, and maintain garbage covered. Don’t leave food out, especially sweet food.
Diatomaceous Earth
You may safely use powdered, food-grade diatomaceous earth along the perimeter of your kitchen counters. This literally rips through the exoskeletons of the rodents and dries them out. People who walk through it is going to eventually die. This does not eliminate the queen who stays home all day.
Use Bait
The queen should proceed. Otherwise, the workers are going to keep feeding her and she will continue to lay eggs. Store bought bait traps are not really that effective. There are sweet gel baits that you can place drops of along baseboards and in corners of counters. They will eat the bait and take it back to their own queen. She will subsequently consume it and, hopefully, that will put a halt to the colony. You may also make your own bait.
As mentioned above, ants are extremely tough to eliminate. You should be diligent about maintaining after the infestation. In very bad cases, you may need to hire a professional exterminator. It might get discouraging but don’t give up because it is going to only get worse if you do.

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